GTFO and dogs!?

We often receive questions about whether or not dogs are welcome on GTFO-organized walks. We totally understand this. There is nothing better than GTFOing with the people and animals you love!

And while we love fury-legged friends, we also keep in mind that GTFO is first and foremost a women’s group.


This is important because we remain empathetic to people who are not comfortable around animals and folks who have had negative experiences with dogs which prevents them from participating in activities to the extent to which they would desire. Our primary goal at GTFO Adventure Club is to remain accessible to all women.

Due to this focus on women and our growing community around them, we ask that those who would like to bring their dogs to GTFO events complete the following self-assessment:

My Dog….

  • remains calm on a leash
  • is obedient and obeys my commands
  • is comfortable in groups
  • would not aggressively confront another dog
  • does not jump on strangers
  • would remain calm and obey my commands if the group encountered another dog or wild animal
  • is not easily spooked or frightened
  • would remain quiet when leaders are addressing the group
  • does not disturb the serenity of the outdoors

If you feel your dog fits with the description above, they are welcome to join us for a walk.

If you are bringing your dog to a GTFO event, please be aware that GTFO’s priority will always be on the comfort and safety of our participants. GTFO Leaders reserve the right to decide whether your dog is a fit for our events or not.

All dogs are good dogs, but not every dog is a fit within GTFO’s mandate to build confidence, capacity and community in women through outdoor adventure.

If you have any questions, hesitations or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us at GTFO Adventure Club.

You can reach us through our Facebook page, or by emailing

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Joanna Nickerson