Refund polIcy

As the number of events we run increases, we find ourselves dealing with an increasing number of requests for refunds or event deferrals. We understand that life is busy, and things happen, so here is our official refund policy.

When signing up for our events through Eventbrite, we state that we allow "Refunds up to 7 days before event”. Within the 7 days, if you are unable to attend and event, we absolutely allow you to transfer the registration to someone else. Please message us, and post on the facebook event to offer your spot to anyone looking. We will do our best to share these posts and help you fill your spot.

GTFO is not a for profit business. We operate on tight profit margins, and the small profits we make go to expanding our rad sticker collection, and funding our Give the F Back fund.

So you can’t come to an event?

  • 7 days before an event; request a refund through Eventbrite, and send us a message

  • within a week of the event (if event is not full); offer the spot to a friend, or check the event discussion and post on our Facebook page (there might be someone looking for a spot).

  • within a week (if event is full); message us and we will contact people on the waitlist!

  • an hour before the event when you realise you’re running late and won’t make it; message us so we’re not waiting for you, but unfortunately we can’t offer a refund at this time.

At the end of the day, we want to be accommodating because we really do want you to GTFO with us, but also need to cover our costs to be sure we can continue to provide top quality events. Thanks for understanding!

Joanna Nickerson