Give the F Back!

At GTFO we want the outdoors to be accessible to everyone who wants to GTFO with us. With your help we have created an amazing community, and everyone who wants to be, deserves to be a part of it.

So we've decided to Give the F Back to those the amazing community that has loved and accepted us. From now on our events will have a simple message at the bottom...

"We want the outdoors to be accessible to ALL regardless of financial situation. If cost is a barrier please reach out for yourself or on behalf of an individual or organization who deserves it."

So if you know someone who wants to GTFO but just can't find the funds, send them our way and we will hook them up! There is no need to prove financial need, or beg, just send a message to our facebook page or use our connect page to get in touch.

Joanna Nickerson